Humidity sensitive: modulates the airflow according to the local relative humidity.

Manual closing device: optional, enables to reduce the airflow at the minimum in case of strong wind or severe coldness.

Acoustic attenuation: up to 37 dB with acoustic canopy.

Directional airflow: adaptable to the windows/ceiling configuration.

Easy to maintain: no adjustment, simple yearly dusting.

Dane techniczne

Suited to all configurations

The directional base of the EMM air inlet makes it possible to install it with its air stream directed according to the position of the window relative to the ceiling or to an horizontal obstacle (vertical or oblique) to ensure maximum comfort for the occupants.

A closing device against cold weather and strong winds

A manual closing device available as an option or on a specific version allows manual locking of the air inlet at minimum aperture to prevent air from entering. This option is useful in countries where winter temperatures may be very low.

Air inlet   EMM 5-35 EMM 11-35 EMF 22 EMF 35
Standard code   EMM705 EMM751 EMF158 EMF713
Airflow characteristics          
Humidity sensitive  
Closing device   ¤ (EMM716) ¤ (EMF963)
Airflow (min – max) @ 10 Pa m3/h 5-35 11-35 22 35
Max. opening area mm2 4 000 4 000 2 500 4 000
Dn,e,w (C ; Ctr) Acoustic attenuation @ max. opening, air inlet* dB 34 (0 ; 0) 34 (0 ; 0) 34 (0 ; 0)
Dn,e,w (C ; Ctr) Acoustic attenuation @ max. opening, with A-EMM dB 37 (0 ; 0) 37 (0 ; 0) 37 (0 ; 0)
Flat canopy   AP AP AP AP
Acoustic canopy   A-EMM A-EMM A-EMM A-EMM
Standard canopy   AS AS AS AS
Airflow controller canopy   AC AC AC AC
Weight g 170 170 147 147
Colours   white / brown / oak
Material   PS PS PS PS
Slot mm 2x(172×12); (270×14); (290×12)
Fixing on window  
Fixing on rolling shutter casing  
Wall installation  
Destination room   bedroom / living room

■: standard    
¤: optional
* With non-acoustic canopies (AC, AS, AP)


Image Code Designation
AEA729 AEA729 Closing device kit for EMM
E-TFR E-TFR Window telescopic sleeve