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Mount Melleray Abbey

Cappoquin, Co. Waterford

Mount Melleray Abbey is a community of Cistercian (Trappist)monks. The monastery is situated on the slopes of the Knockmealdown mountains in County Waterford, Ireland. This is a 27 Ensuite room bedroom wing extension to the Monastery. An Aereco Assisted Passive Stack system was used here. This is also known as a hybrid system.

This system consisted of BXL Extract Grilles c/w pull cord boost function (former version of the G2H), EHA acoustic Air-Inlets (former version of the EHA²) and hybrid VBP fans controlled via a wind gauge.

The VPB fans is a very low pressure fan designed in conjunction with passive stack installations. An added design feature of this fan is that its impellers do not interfere with the air flow when not in use, thereby allowing the unhindered operation of natural passive stack ventilation when motorised assistance is not required.